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Veto Pro Pac MC Compact Tool Bag - MC

Veto Pro Pac MC Compact Tool Bag - MC

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  • Model No. MC
  • Compact storage bag with zipper
  • 20 interior & exterior pockets
  • 3 large pockets for meters & large tools
  • Waterproof thick polypropylene base
  • Shoulder strap
  • 10" Long x  8" Wide x  12" High
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  • The MC tool bag is small, lightweight & a perfect tool organizer for troubleshooting, diagnostics & job specific setups & offers 20 Interior & exterior pockets for handling tools, meters, & a compact cordless drill/driver compartment. The MC tool bag allows technicians & contractors the ability to set up multiple job specific bags that can also feed out of our LC, XL or XXL-F size bags. The MC tool bag holds plenty of essential tools for different types of work & is convenient enough to carry everywhere & get into tight spaces.

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    Veto Pro Pac MC Compact Tool Bag - MC 10" Long x  8" Wide x 12" High