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Occidental Leather High Mount Hammer Holder ~ 5059 - Made in USA ~ Made of Occidental Leather's highest quality Belting Leather - 3" Projection - Fits up to a 3" work belt
Regular price $ 19.15
Made in USA - Occidental Leather 5040 Clip-On Hammer Holder. Made of quality leather & steel. Allows quick on & off installation, anytime & anywhere - High Quality - Compact Hammer Holder - 3" projection - Riveted - Clip On Hammer Holder - Hand Made - 759244213409 - Steel Clip - Leather Hammer Holder
Regular price $ 19.15
Occidental Leather Clip-On Pouch - Model 9501 ~ This bag by Occidental Leather is a cost efficient fastener & tool management clip-on pouch. pouch bag. Perfect for small jobs or the do it yourself weekend projects. Made of Nylon material - 759244139709 - Small Clip On Pouch Bag
Regular price $ 19.15
Occidental Leather's Rough Framer's lightweight all-nylon two pouch tool bag with leather reinforced corners. Leather sleeve for clip-on tape or upper bag. Includes metal hammer holder. Model 8382 - Nylon material with a foam core - 11 total pockets & tool holders - Great for hammers, pencils, utility knife, & chisels
Regular price $ 61.74
Made in USA - Occidental Leather 1” wide leather loop supports a safety release snap. For saw keys, wrench, etc. Position your most frequently used tools within easy reach. Fits up to a 3" work belt. Loop is strongly riveted - Made of genuine leather - Model No. 5010 - 759244005707 - Occidental Leather Belt Attachment
Regular price $ 11.88
Made in USA - Occidental Leather Rectangular Loop that clip on tape measures, clip-on bags, meter cases, etc. Anything with a clip easily attaches. Fits up to a 3" work belt & clips up to 1" wide. Loop is strongly riveted - Made of genuine leather - Model No. 5026 - 759244143706 - Occidental Leather Belt Attachment
Regular price $ 13.31
Occidental Leather Task Pouch ~ 9512 - Made in USA ~ Compact pouch for small tasks - Features 8 pockets - Task Pouch provides holders for your tape measure, spiral pad, pens & pencils, screw driver, utility knife, & pliers - Made of durable Cordura material with a foam core - Fits up to a 2" work belt - Eight Pouches - Occidental
Regular price $ 29.88
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Occidental Leather ultra-light industrial nylon suspension set with pockets for pencils or clip-on items. Very comfortable & even weight distribution. Heavy duty spring clips snap on & off. Leather loop attachment system for up to a 3" tool belt is included just slide onto your tool belt. Model 1546. 759244184600
Occidental Leather Oxy Tool Shield ~ 2003 - Made in USA - Shield protects your pouches & bags - Accepts many tools such as chisels, knives, cutters, etc. - Made of sturdy hard plastic material - Clips onto most bags - Pencil holder in shield - Model 2003 - Oxy Shield - Clip On
Regular price $ 6.05 Sold out
Occidental Leather's comfortable knee pads are made of top-grain leather for professionals. Won’t scuff floors & are great for interior & remodeling work. Hand crafted with a thick layer of high density padding & an inner plastic shield to eliminate pressure points. Quick release fasteners. Made in USA - Model 5022
Regular price $ 74.39 Sold out
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Occidental Leather "Oxy Finisher" Fastener Bag ~ Model 9520 - Fits a 3" work belt - These bags are ideal for trim, framing & finish work. Nylon main & outer bags. Holders include a speed square inside or out & features the 2-in-1 outer bag for maximum fastener capacity in a compact space. Nylon & genuine Leather
Regular price $ 73.58 Sold out
Occidental Leather "Beltless" Retro kit is for those who already own our 5055 "Stronghold" Suspension System and wish to go "Beltless" with any bags that accept a 3" belt. This allows the use of any of Occidental's traditional bags to suit your custom needs. Note: Due to extra wide hangers, the "Beltless" Retro Kit does not accommodate the B5611 or 5525 - 759244157208
Regular price $ 52.82 Sold out
Occidental Leather's Belt Liner with Sheepskin relieves you from cutting edges & circulation problems associated with safety & tool belts. Sheepskin pads provide maximum comfort & is a natural insulator, warm & comfortable in winter, & cool in summer. Comfortable when using with tool belts. Model 5005 M - Medium Size - 759244004601
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