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FastCap 10 Million Stick ~ Push Stick - Rubberized Traction Feet
Regular price $ 15.49
3 reviews
Screw gun holder is versatile tool holder for your drill, screw gun, or almost any other tool - Helps keeps your drills & screw guns organized - Fits most drills, drivers, screw guns, large tools, etc. - SGH OPEN - SGH CLOSED - SGH WALL BRACKET - SGH BACK BRACKET - FastCap Screw Gun Holder - Power Drill Organizer
$ 3.99
FastCap UNI-VAC is the ultimate shop vacuum accessory. Super flexible rubber grips around most sizes & shapes of vacuum ports. Adapts to most table saws, routers, miter saws, sanders. Adjustable Port Diameter: 1/4" Min. to 2-1/2" Max Diameter. Fixed Hose End: 2-1/4" Diameter. FastCap UNIVAC. Model UNI VAC. 663807030658
Regular price $ 14.99
1 review
FastCap Track Rack is a great way to store track guide systems. The unique design allows you to mount most track systems on the wall vertically or horizontally. Will work with Makita, DeWalt, Festool, Kreg Adaptive Cutting System, & Triton track guides. Store horizontally or vertically. Made in USA. Cam locking system
FastCap 11th Finger - Push Stick With Magnetic End - Model No. 11-FINGER - Made in USA
Regular price $ 10.29
1 review
Starrett Morse Taper Adapter. Starrett Morse Taper Adapter ~ MA03 - No. 3 Morse Taper. Starrett Morse Taper Adapter ~ MA05 - No. 3 Morse Taper. Starrett Morse Taper Adapter ~ MA06 - No. 2 Morse Taper. Used on lathes & drill presses.
$ 36.65
FastCap Little Lipper ~ Router Guide - Great for getting that flush edge ~ Excellent for cabinets, counter tops, creating a flush edge for any project
Regular price $ 44.99
Starrett KA19 Hole Saw Arbor. Hole enlargement arbor. Replaces the pilot drill in any A1, A2 or A10 type arbors. Replacing the pilot drill, the KA19 allows diameters to be enlarged by attaching a saw of the same size to that of the existing hole. *Note: Arbor, chuck and hole saws in photo not included. 0049659016123
Regular price $ 11.25
Imperial Blades Adapter - ADRW. Adapts Rockwell Sonicrafter to fit any Imperial Blades accessories. 736211457882
Regular price $ 3.95
Imperial Blades "One Fit" 4-in-1 Features Drywall Blade. Combines 4-in-1 Features for more versatility within one blade. Front blade width is designed to plunge cut width of most standard American outlet boxes. Popular projects: Electrical outlet boxes, can lights, PVC & more. IBOA800-1. 819846016690. Made in USA.
Imperial Blades "One Fit" 3/8" Fine Detail Wood Blade is a Bimetal blade with teeth set for Wood & Nails, Wood, PVC, Drywall. This fine tooth configuration is specifically designed for precise, clean cuts in soft materials. Blade Width: 3/8 (10 mm). Blade Depth: 1-5/8" (41 mm). Fine Detail Wood Blade - BiM blade
FastCap Rip Guide has a compact design that helps make quick, accurate, & repeatable measurements for your track saw. Simply slide the Rip Guide into the fence’s “T-track,” measure your cut, & saw away. For initial set up dial sight glass to your specific fence. 2 pack. Metric / Standard tape measure. 663807030498
Regular price $ 74.99
Fein Systainer SYS 1. Plastic, interior dimensions: 2-15/16" x 15-1/16" x 10-3/4"  (75 mm x 383 mm x 273 mm). Interlockable with other systainers including Festool, Mirka, & Tanos. The machine-specific Systainer insert must be ordered separately.   Made in Germany. Model No. 33901146000. Systainer SYS I. 4014586380025
Regular price $ 59.99
Irwin HSS 1/4" Straight Router Bit - Made in USA. High Speed Steel Router Bit. Single flute. 3/4" depth. 1-1/4" length. Irwin Model No. 31039. Made in USA. 042526310393
Regular price $ 4.99
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1 review
Milwaukee One Hour NiCd AC Charger ~ 48-59-0255
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Regular price $ 11.99 Sold out
1 review
This Woodstock Clamping Miter Gauge is safer than standard miter gauges Keeps your hands away from dangerous blades. D-handle grip, built-in sliding stop, & positive trigger clamping. Fits standard 3/8" x 3/4" miter gauge slots & positive angle stops at 90° and 45° both left & right. Bar extends to 12". Model W1323A
Regular price $ 47.50 Sold out
Pferd 6" Felt Buffing Wheel ~ 1" Thick - Model 48699 - Made in Germany
Regular price $ 34.75 Sold out
Imperial Blades "One Fit" Storm Titanium Metal/Wood Variety Pack - 3 PC. Variety pack of Storm Titanium Enhanced (TiN) coated blades for longest life, best performance. Recommended applications: Metal (Non-Ferrous), Wood & Nails, Copper Pipe, Wood, PVC, Drywall. 3 blades in pack. Model IBOATV-3. Made in USA.
Milwaukee 14 Gauge Shear ~ 6815
Regular price $ 349.00 Sold out
Milwaukee 1/2" D-Handle Right Angle Drill Kit ~ 3002-1
Regular price $ 239.00 Sold out
These Cam Clamps have been used on CNC machines as work holding fixtures for decades. The clamp acts on an eccentric cam, which tightens the jaw as the handle is moved. The jaw is set on an angle and provides inward/downward pressure to apply the "grip of death" on your project.
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This Starrett Hole Saw arbor adapter fits arbors with a 1/2"-20 screw thread, allowing use of saws up to 6" (152 mm) diameter.  Not recommended for heavy duty work. Model A12. 049659632606. Hole Saw Arbor adapter.
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Milwaukee 1/2" Compact Drill 650 RPM ~ 1610-1
Regular price $ 229.00 Sold out
Milwaukee 3/8" Magnum Drill, 0-2500 RPM with All Metal Chuck ~ 0201-20
Milwaukee 5.5 Amp Bandfile ~ 6101-6
Regular price $ 219.00 Sold out
Milwaukee 3.5 max HP, 7"/9" Sander, 6000 RPM ~ 6066-6
Regular price $ 199.00 Sold out
Fein Tools Hooked Blade - 202 Blade. 7/32" (5 mm) Teak Deck Cutter Blade Designed for cutting out planked deck caulk materials rapidly & safely. Ideal for problem locations such as cabin structures, rails, gunwales, cleats & curves. Starlock Plus mounting system. Model 63903202210.   Made in Germany. 4014586389684
Regular price $ 42.99 Sold out
Fein Tools Hooked Blade - 201 Blade. 1/8" (3 mm) Teak Deck Cutter Blade Designed for cutting out planked deck caulk materials rapidly & safely. Ideal for problem locations such as cabin structures, rails, gunwales, cleats & curves. Starlock Plus mounting system. Model 63903201210.   Made in France. 4014586389677
Regular price $ 42.99 Sold out
Fein Systainer Insert for Fein models FMM 350 Q / QSL. *The Systainer is sold separately. 15"  x  11-1/8"  x  2-7/8".  Insert for Systainer SYS 1. Fein Tools Festool Tanos Mirka Systainer insert. 33904587000. 4014586413884
Regular price $ 16.99 Sold out
Fein Tools Special Material Mushroom Scraper Cutter Blade - 245 Blade. Designed for for cutting silicone & soft glazing compound as well as separation of insulating glass units. Starlock mounting system. Sold as 5 pieces in pack.   Made in Germany. Model No. 63903245230. Scraper Oscillating Blade
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