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FastCap "Shoot Straight" for nail guns helps prevents blow out. FastCap Model SHOOT STRAIGHT. Strong neodymium magnet in base. Great for cabinet assembly, framing, etc. Strong neodymium magnet easily attaches to any metal magazine & can be removed if the nail gun needs to be at an angle. 663807030320
Regular price $ 6.99
FastCap Track Rack is a great way to store track guide systems. The unique design allows you to mount most track systems on the wall vertically or horizontally. Will work with Makita, DeWalt, Festool, Kreg Adaptive Cutting System, & Triton track guides. Store horizontally or vertically. Made in USA. Cam locking system
FastCap Rip Guide has a compact design that helps make quick, accurate, & repeatable measurements for your track saw. Simply slide the Rip Guide into the fence’s “T-track,” measure your cut, & saw away. For initial set up dial sight glass to your specific fence. 2 pack. Metric / Standard tape measure. 663807030498
Regular price $ 90.00
FastCap UNI-VAC is the ultimate shop vacuum accessory. Super flexible rubber grips around most sizes & shapes of vacuum ports. Adapts to most table saws, routers, miter saws, sanders. Adjustable Port Diameter: 1/4" Min. to 2-1/2" Max Diameter. Fixed Hose End: 2-1/4" Diameter. FastCap UNIVAC. Model UNI VAC. 663807030658
Regular price $ 17.99
Fein Tools 4-1/2" Slide Switch Compact Angle Grinder with a 760 W motor. The gear head rotates in 90° steps & is solid metal for maximum service life. More ergonomic grip for less fatigue. Corded with 8' long cord. 12,000 rpm. Model No. 72219760120. 4014586885476. 4-1/2" (115 mm) diameter grinding wheel. WSG 7-115
Regular price $ 69.00
Profi Combo Set includes (1) Akku MultiTalent AFMT 12 QSL - 12 V & (1) ABSU 12 C drill - 12 V. Model 71901361090. 4014586885797
Regular price $ 339.00
Fein MultiTalent Start Q ~ FMT 250 QSL set provides the basic accessories needed for sanding & sawing - Made in Germany ~ Model  7 229 53 62 09 0. Nylon tool bag. 72295362090. 2.4 A / 250 W Motor. 10,000-20,000 rpm. Starlock Plus mounting system. UPC 4014586885001. Unperforated backing pad, (3) saw blades, sandpaper
Fein Tools 4-1/2" Paddle Switch Angle Grinder 7.0 A. The gear head rotates in 90° steps & is solid metal for maximum service life. More ergonomic grip for less fatigue. Powerful 820 W motor. Corded with 13' long cord. 12,500 rpm. Model No. 72223160120. 4014586888156. 4-1/2" (115 mm) diameter grinding. WSG 7-115 PT
Regular price $ 79.00
Screw gun holder is versatile tool holder for your drill, screw gun, or almost any other tool - Helps keeps your drills & screw guns organized - Fits most drills, drivers, screw guns, large tools, etc. - SGH OPEN - SGH CLOSED - SGH WALL BRACKET - SGH BACK BRACKET - FastCap Screw Gun Holder - Power Drill Organizer
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FastCap Little Lipper ~ Router Guide - Great for getting that flush edge ~ Excellent for cabinets, counter tops, creating a flush edge for any project
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FastCap 10 Million Stick ~ Push Stick - Rubberized Traction Feet
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Milwaukee Heavy-Duty Circular Saw Metal Box
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