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Imperial Blades Adapter - ADRW. Adapts Rockwell Sonicrafter to fit any Imperial Blades accessories. 736211457882
Regular price $ 3.95
Imperial Blades "One Fit" 3/8" Fine Detail Wood Blade is a Bimetal blade with teeth set for Wood & Nails, Wood, PVC, Drywall. This fine tooth configuration is specifically designed for precise, clean cuts in soft materials. Blade Width: 3/8 (10 mm). Blade Depth: 1-5/8" (41 mm). Fine Detail Wood Blade - BiM blade
Imperial Blades "One Fit" 4-in-1 Features Drywall Blade. Combines 4-in-1 Features for more versatility within one blade. Front blade width is designed to plunge cut width of most standard American outlet boxes. Popular projects: Electrical outlet boxes, can lights, PVC & more. IBOA800-1. 819846016690. Made in USA.
Imperial Blades Adapter - ADPC. Adapts Porter-Cable to fit any Imperial Blades MM accessories. 609456705530
Regular price $ 4.99
Imperial Blades Round Saw Blade - MM450. For sawing hardwood, laminate, parquet, wood paneling. 736211673244
Regular price $ 24.99
Imperial Blades Standard 6" 24 TPI Thin Metal Reciprocating Blade. Thin .035" kerf  for fast, flexible cuts. Straight blade body for increased beam strength. Recommended applications: Copper Pipe, Thin Metal (< 1/8″). Sold as 1 blade. Model IB624-B. Bi-Metal blade. Made in USA.
Imperial Blades Standard Wood Variety Pack. Recommended applications: Metal (Non-Ferrous), Wood & Nails, Copper Pipe, Hardwood, Wood, PVC, Drywall. 3 blades in pack.  Made in USA. 819846012401. Model IBOAV1-3
Regular price $ 24.95
This sanding pad by Imperial Blades makes abrasive changes quick & easy due to hook & loop backing. Popular projects: Removal of excess wood, finish and paint for faster surface removal in hard-to-reach areas such as windows, doors, shutters & other furniture. Sold as one piece in pack. 819846010605. Model IBOATSP-1
Imperial Blades "One Fit" 3-1/2" Segmented HCS Blade. Segment shape ideal for working in corners & on edges without overcut. The speartooth tooth design delivers fast, aggressive cuts. Raised-anchor design allows for long & straight flush-cuts. For Wood, PVC, Drywall. Sold as one piece in pack.  Made in USA.
Regular price $ 14.95
Imperial Blades "One Fit" 2-1/2" Diamond Grit Segment Boot Blade. Segment blade shape ideal for working in corners & on edges without overcut. Recommended applications: Brick Mortar, Manufactured Stone, Tile Grout, Plaster. Made in USA. Model IBOA730-1. 819846010599
Imperial Blades "One Fit" 1-1/4" Carbide Grit Plunge Cut Blade. Ideal for precise plunge cuts. Recommended applications: Tile Grout. Popular projects: Removing stubborn grout between tiles without damaging tile edges & making plunge cuts in plaster & other soft porous materials. Model IBOA640-1. Made in USA.
Imperial Blades "One Fit" 3" Dual Carbide Grit Blade. Dual carbide grit for greater versatility. Coarse carbide grit bottom for aggressive material removal over large surface areas. Fine carbide-coated edge for removing grout between tiles. Recommended applications: Tile Mortar, Tile Grout. Model IBOA600. Made in USA.
Regular price $ 24.95


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