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Used Bahco Sandvik Nut Gripping Pliers 2979D-180+8 have conical jaws with teeth facing inwards for extra gripping power. Designed for gripping nuts in confined spaces & positive grip on rounded bolts & nuts. Gripping capacity of 3 to 13 mm. Made of high performance alloy steel with hardened jaws.  Made in France.
Regular price $ 27.50
3-tine Garden Hand Fork Cultivator made by Shear magic.  Made in USA. Comes in assorted color handles - Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, etc. Enamel coated on steel blade. 3 tine cultivator. USA-made cultivator. Hand Garden Fork. Plastic handle. Digging Cultivator Tool
Regular price $ 0.69
Norton Angle-Rite Sharpener - 3 Stone Sharpening Kit  Made in USA. 076607879448
Regular price $ 69.99
The Hart ProBit Speed-Chuck Key converts variable speed reversible drills to keyless chuck operation in minutes. The Framer Hart Tool, Co. Made in USA.
Regular price $ 3.95
Simonds 7-1/4" Si-Clone Planer Combination Saw Blade. For extra smooth cutting in any direction. 5/8" RD. Diamond. 8000 RPM
Hamilton Panel Marking Gauge
Regular price $ 175.00
Hanson Irwin 3/8"-24 NF Round Die - Made in the USA
Regular price $ 2.95
Stanley 3-1/2" Butt Marker ~ 3731/2
Regular price $ 3.99 Sold out
Proto Nº 1429 Auto Body Hammer
Regular price $ 35.00 Sold out
Wood Carving, 1 inch, #10 Sweep, Spoon Gouge
Regular price $ 26.99 Sold out
Stanley Tape Measure - Made in the USA
Regular price $ 8.95 Sold out
Stanley Hy-Lo Drive Hand Drill. Made in USA. No. H1220B. Eggbeater Hand Drill.
Regular price $ 24.95 Sold out
Lufkin 100' "Tufboy" Tape Measure - Made in USA
Regular price $ 11.95 Sold out
Toledo 14 inch Aluminum Pipe Wrench
Regular price $ 18.00 Sold out
Snap On Nº 1650 15 inch Lady Foot prybar
Regular price $ 30.00 Sold out
Geo. H. Bishop Sliding Spline Saw Rip & Crosscut
Regular price $ 69.95 Sold out


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