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Veritas Honing Guide & Angle Jig Combination
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Veritas Honing Compound is a blend of chromium & aluminum oxide that's great for final finish on carbon & high speed steel cutting edges to mirror finish. Great for honing chisels, carving tools, plane blades & knives. Use on felt or leather wheels, leather strops & shaped wooden forms. Made in the USA. Model 05M08.01
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Veritas Standard Wheel Marking Gauge. Hardened steel wheel cutter prevents tear-out. Single sided bevel eliminates grain following. Brass knurled nut. Excels at marking across wood grain, but can also be used along the grain or even through end grain. Model No. 05N33.21. Made in Canada.
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This Veritas hold down fits in a 3/4" diameter hole on a work bench, and clamps in any direction where clamping is required. 10" forged steel arm. Clamping capacity is 8" & throat capacity is 8". Veritas Model 05G14.01 Made in Canada.
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Veritas "Wonder Dog" installs in a 3/4" hole; pivots in any direction clamping is required; easy-adjusting handle provides clamping pressure in any position. Post is 6-1/2" long & is drilled & tapped at a 3° angle; side spring adjusts clamp head at any desired projection. Model 05G10.01. Bench dog Made in Canada.
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Veritas Short Blade Holder.  Made in Canada. Model No. 05P3203
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The Veritas Saddle Square allows you to scribe two perpendicular surfaces at a time, & also allows one to pick up on a line already scribed & transfer it to another face perpendicular to it. Made of anodized aluminum with both faces machined square to within 1/4°. Regular - 1-1/4" x 2-1/4" size. Made in Canada.
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Veritas Dovetail Markers mark dovetails quickly & accurately. 1:8 for hardwood / 1:6 for softwood. Made from anodized aluminum. Two pieces in set. Model 05N10.11.  Made in Canada. 722356017302
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Veritas Scraper Holder Model 05K33.01. Holds a bowed scraper effortlessly - Reduces hand fatigue. Holds any 6" (150 mm) scraper with a thickness of .015" (1/64") to .046" (3/64"). Comes with a .032" Veritas Super-Hard Milled Cabinet Scraper. Made in Canada. 722356219003. Veritas Model 05K33.01
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Veritas Angle Jig Combination
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Veritas Honing Guide - Model No. 05M0201 - Model No. O5MO2O1
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