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Occidental Leather "Stronghold" Light Suspenders ~ 1546

Occidental Leather "Stronghold" Light Suspenders ~ 1546

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Made in USA

  • Model No. 1546 
  • Nylon Suspension Set
  • Very comfortable & even weight distribution
  • Nickel plated hardware 
  • Made of industrial nylon material & genuine leather 
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  • This Occidental Leather ultra-light industrial nylon suspension set features pockets at chest height for pencils or clip-on items. Very comfortable & even weight distribution. Heavy duty spring clips snap on & off. The leather loop attachment system for up to a 3" tool belt is included. Just slide onto your tool belt & get to work. For installation on additional belts, use installation kit No. 5509  See here.   Made in USA.

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    Occidental Leather "Stronghold" Light Suspenders ~ 1546