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Occidental Leather "OxyLights" Driver Tool Belt Set ~ 8087 M

Occidental Leather "OxyLights" Driver Tool Belt Set ~ 8087 M

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Made in USA

  • Model No. 8087 M
  • Medium Belt Size  (3" Medium Ranger Work Belt)
  • Padded Two Ply Tool Bags Keep Their Shape
  • Made of Extremely Abrasion Resistant Industrial Nylon
  • Leather Tool Holders & Corner Reinforcing
  • 20 Pockets & Tool Holders
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  •  The Occidental Leather "OxyLights" Driver Tool Belt Package is the ideal set for metal framers, finish carpentry & remodeling work. The Gun/Finisher set intelligently combines leather & industrial nylon to lighten the builder's load. Right side bag (8068) has a gun holster plus holders suitable for tools & quick release clamps commonly used in metal stud work. Left side bag (B8064), has compartments for 4 different fasteners or tools. 20 Pockets & Tool Holders. Occidental Leather Components on this 8087 model: 3" Ranger Work Belt #5035, 2-in-1 Tool & Hammer Holder #5020, Oxylights Fastener Bag with Double Outer Bag #B8064, Impact/Screw Gun & Drill Bag #8068. *Note: Tools in picture not included.    Made in USA.

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    Occidental Leather "OxyLights" Driver Tool Belt Set ~ 8087 M Medium 3" Ranger Work Belt 4.1 lb
    8087 M