Occidental Leather "OxyLights" Ultra Framer Tool Belt Set ~ 8086 LG

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Made in USA

  • Model No. 8086 LG
  • Large Belt Size  (3" Large Ranger Work Belt)
  • Padded Two Ply Tool Bags Keep Their Shape
  • Made of Extremely Abrasion Resistant Industrial Nylon
  • Leather Tool Holders & Corner Reinforcing
  • 21 Pockets & Tool Holders
  •  The Occidental Leather "OxyLights" Ultra Framer 8086 Tool Belt Package is a new seven bag addition to the "OxyLights" tool belt line. A high performance combination of the B8017DB tool bag & the B8064 fastener bag featuring the 2-in-1 outer pouch for more compact multi pouch design. Leather & industrial nylon intelligently combined to lighten the builder’s load. The trademark "OxyRed" leather reinforces the main bag corners as well as provides our "NoSpill" system of all leather tool holders. Occidental Leather's most popular designs in a lighter weight alternative. 21 Pockets & Tool Holders. Occidental Leather Components on this 8086 model: 3" Ranger Work Belt #5035, High Mount Hammer Holder #5059, Oxylights Fastener Bag with Double Outer Bag #B8064, Oxylights 3-Pouch Tool Bag #B8017DB. *Note: Tools in picture not included.    Made in USA.

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    Occidental Leather "OxyLights" Ultra Framer Tool Belt Set ~ 8086 LG Large 3" Ranger Work Belt 4.2 lb
    8086 LG




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