Tajima Quick-Stabilizing Plumb Bob ~ 7 Oz

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  • Model No. P-QB200
  • 7 oz (200 g) weight
  • Reliable & quick - steadies within 6 seconds
  • Special Tajima quick-stabilizing system -- The plumb bob stops wobbling & spinning in 6 seconds or less
  • Protective end-cap included to protect tip 

  •  This quick-stabiling plumb bob made by Tajima is an easy to use plumb alignment & centering tool that stabilizing within seconds. With Tajima's quick-stabilizing system, this plumb bob stops wobbling & spinning in 6 seconds or less. The plumb bob also has embedded bumpers around the bob to protect the plumb bob & work surfaces. An excellent tool for layout work!

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    Tajima Quick-Stabilizing Plumb Bob ~ 7 Oz 5" 7 oz P-QB200




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