Swanson Savage 12" Combination Square

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  • Model No. SVC133
  • Stainless steel blade - Chemical etched & visible graduations
  • 12" size combo square
  • Precision Machined Surfaces
  • Brass Tightening Bolt & Scribe All
  • Acrylic Block Vial
  • "Savage" Strength Frame - Aerospace Aluminum

  • The Swanson Savage 12" Combination Square is great for laying out lines for ripping, crosscutting, mitering, & making notches. The head, with fences at 90 & 45 degrees, slides along the blade & locks, allowing you to transfer a distance accurately & hold it while you draw a line with a pencil. The Combination Square is right up there with the claw hammer, pencil, & tape as tools that every carpenter carries all the time. Small enough to fit in your back pocket this tool is indispensable.  

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    Swanson Savage 12" Combination Square 12"




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