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Swanson 7" Mag Speed Square ~ Magnetic

Swanson 7" Mag Speed Square ~ Magnetic

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  • Model No. S0114
  • Made of high-grade aluminum alloy
  • Magnetic
  • Ideal for steel studs & welding
  • 10 square inches of magnetic surface hold on edge & face of material
  • Wider flange for easy marking of checked studs
  • Etched graduations
  • Strategic laser marks for aligning wall studs when using a laser
  • 5 in 1 tool
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  • The Swanson MAG Square is a heavy-duty performer! Beefy 3/16" aluminum alloy construction means this square is ready for steel stud construction & welding. The Swanson MAG Square comes in a tag carded package & includes the legendary Swanson Little Blue Book of instructions.   Made in USA.

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    Swanson 7" Mag Speed Square ~ Magnetic 7"