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Stanley Leverlock 30' Tape Measure

Stanley Leverlock 30' Tape Measure

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  • Model STHT30830
  • The Leverlock model tape measure - Blade locks automatically 
  • 30' length
  • Squeeze bottom lever to retract blade
  • 1" wide blade - Non-glare blade for better visibility when using outdoors
  • 7' of blade standout
  • Non-marring base helps protect work surface
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  •   Easy to read, comfortable to hold, & built to last, this tape measure is a versatile & precise measurer for all your jobs. The tape measure has a squeeze bottom lever to retract the blade. The Stanley Leverlock 30’ Measuring Tape ensures precise measurements & long-lasting durability. Belt clip attached to tape measure.


  • Product Length of Tape Blade Standout Width of Tape Model
    Stanley Leverlock 30' Tape Measure 30' 7' 1" STHT30830