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Sharpening Combination Stone with Red Handle ~ Coarse & Fine

Sharpening Combination Stone with Red Handle ~ Coarse & Fine

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  • 14-3/4" overall length with handle
  • Coarse & fine grit
  • Crystolon (silicon carbide) material
  • Red painted wooden handle firmly attached to stone
  • Excellent for general sharpening 

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  • This Crystolon silicon carbide "Tradesmen's Stone" is a large specialty sharpening stone great for many multi-purpose uses, including for sharpening trimming knives & also for use as an abrasive file in many different industries. A red painted wooden handle is firmly attached to the stone for a solid grip when in use. 

        To obtain best results, lubricate your stone with genuine Norton Sharpening Stone Oil. Oil acts as an effective lubricant during sharpening to float away metal & abrasive particles that would otherwise clog up the stone. When metal particles clog the stone pores, it's called glazing & can ruin the stone.

    From the Manufacturer:

       Norton Sharpening Stones are made of the highest quality materials & are unequaled for long sharpening life, maintenance of shape & smooth cut.

  • Product Title Stone Length Width Height Overall Length with Handle Model #
    Norton Sharpening Stone with Red Handle ~ Coarse & Fine 10 - 1/8"  1 - 1/4" 13/16" 14 - 3/4"