Rhino 6' Oversize Brick Spacing Fiberlass Folding Ruler

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Made in Switzerland

  • Rhino Rulers Model No. 55115
  • Oversize Brick Spacing Ruler
  • Constructed of tough polyamide reinforced with fiberglass for added durability
  • Engraved graduations on both sides
  • 6' long x 1/2" wide ruler
  • Easy to read black-on-yellow markings with red 16" stud marks
  • Positive locking joints & stainless steel spring hinge pins for added strength
  • Resistant to weather, abrasion, & most chemicals

  • This Rhino Rulers heavy-duty Oversize Brick Spacing folding ruler has a (1/2" x 6') Oversize Brick Spacing scale on one side and (Ft/In/16ths) on the other. It is made of polyamide reinforced with 30% fiberglass and designed with 90° positive stop joints and deeply embossed scales that won’t wear away under harsh working conditions. The Oversize Brick Spacing ruler is wear resistant and maintenance free: designed to be flexible, scratch resistant, and waterproof.  Made in Switzerland

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    Rhino 6' Oversize Brick Spacing Fiberlass Folding Ruler




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