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Kreg 16" Auto-Adjust Bar Clamp

Kreg 16" Auto-Adjust Bar Clamp

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Made in USA 

  • Kreg Tools - Model No. KSC16
  • Clamps materials up to 16" thick (40 cm); 1-1/2" reach (38 mm)
  • Auto-adjust technology automatically adjusts to material thickness
  • Easy-to-regulate clamping force using a simple thumbscrew
  • Extra-large clamp faces spread clamping pressure evenly
  • Ergonomic padded grips prevent hand fatigue
  • Highly durable, all-metal construction
  • Includes soft clamping pads
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  •  When you want the durability & auto-adjust convenience of "Automaxx" clamping, but you need more clamping capacity, turn to Auto-Adjust Bar Clamps with "Automaxx" Technology. Just like other Kreg Clamps, these bar clamps adjust automatically when you change material sizes. Just slide the clamp jaws against your workpiece, & then squeeze the handles. "Automaxx" Technology does the rest, closing the clamp with predictable, dependable clamping pressure every time. That clamping pressure is easy to regulate, as well, thanks to a simple thumbscrew that dials in the pressure you need, from gentle to highly powerful clamping.

  • Product Clamping Capacity Overall Size Model #
    Kreg 16" Auto-Adjust Bar Clamp Up to materials 16" thick & 1-1/2" deep reach 19-1/2"