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14" Stanley Bailey Bench Plane No. 5

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Model # 12-905 (No. 5)

  • 2" wide cutter blade
  • Tempered carbon steel cutter blade, made in England
  • Smooth & ground cast-iron bottom machined flat & true, for precision & accuracy when planing
  • Cutter adjusts for depth & alignment, offering precise control
  • Fully machined & polished double-iron cutter & lever
  • Frog seat is machined for precise mouth adjustment
  • High-impact polymer handles, & a solid brass adjustment knob
  • Durable epoxy-coated finish provides long-lasting protection
  • Our popular & professional-grade Stanley Bailey No. 5 Jack plane is excellent for general shaving of wood surfaces. It is great for the rapid & rough removal of wood stock, before the finer planes that generally follow for finishing. The double-iron cutter & lever provide maximum control when using, even over rough & uneven stock. The machined frog & cutter seatings help eliminate blade chatter as well. The Jack plane also has a quick-release cam-lock that makes iron removal quick & easy. One of our most popular, versatile, & sought-after planes! Note: Honing is recommended before use.

  • Product Title Blade Length Blade Width Handle Length Overall Plane Width Model #
    14" Stanley Bailey Bench Plane No. 5 2"  (51mm) 3/32" 14" 2 - 1/2"




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