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Starrett 16' x 5m Tape Measure

Starrett 16' x 5m Tape Measure

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  • Starrett Model KXP106-16ME
  • 8m length - 1" width - Graduations in 16ths & millimeters
  • Features 10' standout
  • Made with nylon coating providing 2X blade abrasion resistance, protecting numbers & graduations
  • Produced with PC-ABS plastic case & overmolding to provide an extended case life & improved grip
  • Manufactured with a positive lock to hold tape securely while transferring measurement to work surfaces
  • Steel belt clip
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  •   Starrett 16' x 5m Tape Measure. Produced of high impact resistant PC-ABS plastic for superior case life, these tape measures incorporate heavy overmold and improved grip. They feature wide blades for extended standout and nylon reinforced blade coating. Positive blade lock holds blade firmly in place. Black anodized steel belt clip.

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    Starrett 16' x 5m Tape Measure 16' - 5m