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Stanley Clamping Miter Box With Saw ~ 20-600

Stanley Clamping Miter Box With Saw ~ 20-600

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Made in USA

  • Model 20-600
  • Cam-shaped pins twist & lock with honeycomb base to secure work for accurate cuts
  • Cuts mitres on 45° & 90° angles, face angle 45° & 22-1/2° angles
  • Molded-in storage compartments hold cam pins and pencil
  • Molded lip on base edge for easy use without mounting
  • Built-in saw stop helps to prevent cutting into mitre box
  • Holes in base for fastening to workbench
  • 13" TPI handsaw included
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  • Making accurate angled cuts is easy with the Stanley's Clamping Mitre Box with Saw. Your material will stay secure & the bottom of the box can be fastened to the workbench to give you added stability. It’s a lightweight, durable & simple to use choice for a variety of projects. Miter box is made of plastic material.   Made in USA.

  • Product Overall Miter Box Size Model #
    Stanley Clamping Miter Box With Saw ~ 20-600 14"  x  6 - 3/4"  x  4"