Opinel Garden Saw No. 18

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Made in France

  • Teeth per inch: 7
  • 7-1/8" long blade
  • Foldable blade with locking collar
  • Made of high carbon steel with an anti-corrosive coating
  • Genuine Beechwood handle

  • A specialty Opinel stainless steel garden saw with sharp teeth. This saw is very versatile & great for everyday garden use. It is also great for camping & outdoor activities, and can cut branches up to 5-3/4" diameter. Effortless & clean cutting is achieved simply by pulling with this saw. The blade locks in place with a simple turn of the stainless collar; it also locks into the handle for safety as well. The handsome Beechwood handle is varnished for a most beautiful look. Very versatile, effective, & beautiful, this Opinel saw is one you'll find most effective & useful!


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    Opinel Garden Saw No. 18 7 7 - 1/8" 16"




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