FastCap Slide Pro Parts

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  • Replacement parts for the FastCap Slide Pro
  • Includes (3) Slide Pro adjustment clamping shelves with tightening knobs, (1) base
  • Helps to install the drawer slides to the perfect height every time

  •   Replacement Parts for the FastCap SlidePro. *PARTS ONLY!* FastCap's Slide Pro system is a fast, hands-free installation system for any drawer slide. Install a whole set of slides at once, instead of one at a time! Use the adjustment shelves to align with the cabinet railings, then tighten the tension knobs to hold in place, & install the drawer slides to the perfect height every time. It is durability & accurate measurements make it great in the shop & out on the job for any cabinet drawer installations. MAX INSTALLATION HEIGHT OF SLIDES: 26.75" See Here for the complete SlidePro System. Great for framed & modular cabinets, retro fitting old cabinets, undermount draw slides.

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    FastCap Slide Pro Parts




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