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FastCap Shoot Straight

FastCap Shoot Straight

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Made in USA 

  • FastCap "Shoot Straight" for nail guns helps prevents blow out
  • Strong neodymium magnet in base
  • Great for cabinet assembly, framing, etc.
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  •  The Shoot Straight prevents blow out! There is nothing worse than seeing a nail blow out of the side of your material. To set up the Shoot Straight, cut it to the same height as the contact tip, and place it at the butt end of the magazine. The Shoot Straight helps keep the nail gun square to the substrate. The strong neodymium magnet easily attaches to any metal magazine & can be removed if the nail gun needs to be at an angle. Another great product, developed by a cabinet maker on the shop floor.

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    FastCap Shoot Straight 2"  SHOOT STRAIGHT