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FastCap Handle on Demand ~ Double Suction Cup

FastCap Handle on Demand ~ Double Suction Cup

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  • Professional suction cup tool
  • Double suction cups
  • 200 lb capacity
  • For use on clean smooth non-porous rigid surfaces including laminate, glass, & countertops
  • Reduces strain on your back when lifting objects
  • Locking lever
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  •  A professional suction cup tool made by FastCap. Stop straining your back trying to lift heavy stuff. Suck it up with the Handle on Demand "HOD". Just fasten the suction pads to any nonporous surface & move it, lift it, place it, & transport it with ease. A high performance suction cup system. Note: Will not work on wood grain, uneven, porous, or dirty surfaces. Test before using & wait 10 mins to be sure good suction is achieved before lifting object. In extreme cold weather, the rubberized surfaces on the HOD need to be warmed up before use.

  • Product Overall Length Diameter of Suction Cups Model #
    FastCap Handle on Demand ~ Double Suction Cup 13"  x  4"  x  5" 4 - 3/4"