Japanese Carpenter's Axe "Te Ono"

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Made in Japan

  • Traditional Japanese carpenter's axe design
  • Forged axe head
  • Cutting blade holds edge very well
  • 4-3/8" long blade face
  • Easy to re-sharpen when necessary

  • This Japanese axe is a specially designed, & traditional Japanese carpenter's axe. It is excellent for woodworking due to the distinctive shape of the axe head which permits one's hand directly behind the axe head & blade for precise carving & woodwork, gripping almost straight above the center of the cutting edge for stability & control. The head is made of forged steel & the blade keeps a very sharp edge, better than most axes out on the market today. An excellent axe for your woodworking needs, & also great for use as a superior wood-splitting hatchet as well!

    Hardwick & Sons is pleased to offer quality tools from Japan for the many people who desire special & well-crafted tools. The wide variety of Japanese products that we offer come from the many craftsmen & toolmakers in Japan who have a special dedication to their skillful craft & art of toolmaking.

  • Product Blade Length Head Length Poll Size Handle Length Model #
    Japanese Carpenter's Axe "Te Ono" 4-3/8" Long 5-3/8" Long 1-1/2" Long x 1" Wide 15-1/2"




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