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Gränsfors Bruk Sharpening File ~ No. 4031

Gränsfors Bruk Sharpening File ~ No. 4031

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Made in Gränsfors, Sweden - Since 1902

  • No. 4031 Model
  • Fine-toothed steel file
  • 3" file blade length
  • Includes a grain leather sheath
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  • The Gränsfors Bruk sharpening axe file is a straight, finely-cut steel file & features a small wooden handle. The handle is slightly wider near the file blade to give a good grip. The axe file is normally used with water but can also be used dry. The Gränsfors axe file is often used if an edge has larger notches which need to be ground down. The stone also comes with a grain leather sheath for protection.

  • Product  Blade Length

    Blade Width


    Overall Length Model #
    Gransfors Bruks Sharpening File 4031  3" 3/4" 5/32" 5 - 1/2"