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Wood is Good Denim Work Apron

Wood is Good Denim Work Apron

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Made in USA

  • Model WD304
  • Professional woodworking apron
  • Made of high quality denim
  • Two permanent pockets & a very large pouch held with durable velcro
  • 8" deep pockets
  • Sturdy buckle on apron
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  •   This quality denim apron has been designed specifically with the woodworking professional in mind. Made of the high quality heavy denim & equipped with an adjustable neck strap, this apron will virtually fit all carvers. It can be used full length for full protection in dusty woodworking operations. It will also fold up to create a large pocket, secured by hook & loop fasteners for woodcarving. The large pouch will catch chips & hold a number of carving tools. The apron, comes complete with a sewn pocket for pencils & a large waist pocket. This is truly a quality apron that any woodworker or carver would love to own.  Made in USA.

  • Product Overall Size When Opened Overall Size When Large Pouch Folded Up  Depth of Pouches Model #
    Wood is Good Denim Work Apron 34" Long  x  28" Wide 25" Long  x  28" Wide 8"

    WD304  | 170-2300