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WL Fuller #5 Set - 5-Piece Countersink & Tapered Drill Bit Set ~ 10390005

WL Fuller #5 Set - 5-Piece Countersink & Tapered Drill Bit Set ~ 10390005

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Made in the USA  ·  W.L. Fuller

  • Model No. 10390005  -  No. 5 Set
  • 5-piece combination countersink & taper point drill set includes wood block holder
  • Countersinks included in set:  C129 for #6 screws,  C1211 for #8 screws, C102 for #10 screws, C12 for #12 screws
  • Includes a 1/2" ID stop collar & 1/2" plug cutter
  • Countersinks are made of carbon steel & heat-treated for long tool life
  • Four flutes for clean & accurate boring - 82° cutting angle head
  • For use in all woods & plastics
  • Two hex-socket set screws in countersink
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  • A high quality 5-piece countersink & tapered drill bit set made by WL Fuller. Countersinks with Taper Point Drills mounted in wood holder, with matching Stop Collar & Plug Cutter. To predrill for most all size wood screws from #6 thru #12 and cut your own wood plugs. Includes four Countersinks with 1/2” cutting diameter, one 1/2” inside diameter Stop Collar to control depth of cut, one 1/2” Plug Cutter with 1/4” shank, two hex keys to fit socket set screws & matching Taper Point Drills. Countersinks are made of carbon steel & heat-treated. This type “C” countersink is designed for use in all woods, plastics, & non-ferrous metals. It has four flutes for clean & accurate boring, & a standard 82° cutting angle which will accommodate most bevelled screws. The countersink is held in place with two hex-socket set screws fastened into the bit & is easily adjustable up & down the length of the drill bit if the need arises. The countersink may be mounted on taper point, brad point & regular point drills. No. 5 Set. Model 10390005.   Made in the USA.

       The W.L. Fuller Co. is a family owned, third generation manufacturer of the best countersinks, counterbores, plug cutters, taper point drills, brad point drills, & step drills. All made 100% in the U.S.A. today. With over 60 years experience manufacturing tools to cut woods, plastics, & metals, Fuller provides tools you need to get the job done while saving you time & money. All of their products carry their “satisfaction guarantee”.

  • Countersinks in Set 
    Cutting Diameter
    Drill Hole Size For Screw Size Drill Bit Length
    #C129T 1/2" 9/64" #6 3-7/8"
    #C1211T 1/2" 11/64" #8 3-3/8"
    #C102T 1/2" 13/64" #10 3-5/8"
    #C12T 1/2" 7/32" #12 3-3/4"