Vaughan 18" Ripping Bar ~ No. RB18

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Made in the USA

  • Model No. RB18
  • Made of high carbon steel, tempered & hardened for strength
  • 18" overall length
  • Three beveled nail slots
  • Rust-resistant powder coated finish

  • This high carbon steel hardened & tempered ripping bar is a stout & handy tool with professionals in mind. The heftiness & stout size that provides the necessary leverage & power for the easy removal of nails. It has a good feel to the hand & is especially great for demolition work. Made completely of forged tough 3/4" thick hex steel. A great ripping-bar that packs-a-punch. Rust-resistant powder coat finish.   Made in the USA.

  • Product  Overall Length Pry Head Width Pry Head Length Model #
    Vaughan 18" Ripping Bar ~ No. RB18 17" Long   1-3/8" Wide 2-1/2"




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