Ulmia Chisel Rabbet Plane With Chip Breaker

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Made in Germany

  • Model No. HW8a  - Old display model, great condition - Sold As Is - No box
  • 1-1/8" wide cutter blade (30 mm)
  • Double Iron / Chip breaker on plane
  • Cutting angle 49°
  • White Beech wood
  • Durable epoxy-coated finish provides long-lasting protection

  • A special chisel rabbet plane made by Ulmia in Germany. A good double iron plane for use in finishing work (jointing) on corners & rabbets as well as finish jointing of continuous rabbets. This plane has a removable nose piece that enables one to work up to a stop.   Made in Germany.

  • Product Title Width of Blade Overall Plane Length Plane Width Model #
    Ulmia Chisel Rabbet Plane With Chip Breaker 1 - 1/8"  (30 mm) 6 - 1/2" 1 - 1/8"





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