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Swanson Savage 9" Sliding Aluminum T-Bevel

Swanson Savage 9" Sliding Aluminum T-Bevel

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  • Model No. SVV150
  • Stainless steel blade - etched & visible graduations
  • Aerospace aluminum anodized frame with rubber coated handle insert 
  • 9" length of blade 
  • Unique locking mechanism allows bevel to be used both ways
  • Blade can be securely fixed with knob bolt at base
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  • Swanson’s "The Savage" T-Bevel Square is the ultimate in accuracy & durability. The T-bevel which, is a sliding bevel square or adjustable bevel square, is an indispensable tool for laying out, copying, marking, & measuring any angle. This tool is used by finish carpenters & is an essential for general contractors. The size of this tool makes it perfect for any tradesman on the go. DIY enthusiasts that are learning carpentry should start the learning process with a T-Bevel as it is easy to handle. With one of these on the job you can count on the greatest level of accuracy, speed, & the durability that you are looking for from a tool that will last you a lifetime.  

  • Product Overall Length of Blade Overall Length When Closed Model #
    Swanson Savage 9" Sliding Aluminum T-Bevel With Locking Mechanism 9"  10 - 1/8"