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Swanson Savage 24" Non-Slip Straight Edge

Swanson Savage 24" Non-Slip Straight Edge

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  • Model No. SVE240
  • Made of sturdy anodized aerospace aluminum
  • 24" overall length
  • No Slip Grip backing
  • Precision laser etching
  • Thumb saver raised edge
  • Hang hole for easy storage
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  • The Swanson Savage 24" No-Slip Straight Edge is perfect for marking & drawing straight lines in the shop, the garage, or in the home. It is crafted from sturdy anodized aerospace aluminum & has a grip backing so the straight edge doesn't slip when using. These tools are built with your safety in mind, they protects you while you cut, so you never struggle or slip when you cut using a straight edge again. Features a hang hole for convenient storage

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    Swanson Savage 24" Non-Slip Straight Edge 24" long  x  2" wide  x  1" high