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Swanson Framing Wizard ~ Folding Aluminum Framing Square

Swanson Framing Wizard ~ Folding Aluminum Framing Square

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  • Model No. T001WZ
  • Multi-tool: framing square, miter square, angle finder, saw guide, & try square
  • Durable, high-grade anodized aluminum construction 
  • Precision laser etching on high-visibility blue finish creates contrast for easy readings
  • Features adjustable, sliding tab for locking the blade for repetitive angles & laying out 12" on center
  • Simultaneously mark top & bottom stud plates
  • Layout tab secures square onto material for accuracy when measuring angles & making marks
  • Includes Jack rafter/rake wall scales
  • Portable, compact design folds down to fit into a standard toolbox
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  • The Swanson Framing Wizard is an innovative masterpiece that combines five tools into one: a framing square, a try square, a miter square, an angle finder, & a saw guide. This compact folding square is constructed of high-grade anodized aluminum & includes precision laser-etched markings for the ultimate accuracy. An adjustable layout tab slides along the blade, making it simple to measure angles & mark ridge cuts. This tool also includes a helpful instruction booklet with diagrams for using the Swanson One-Number Method for common, hip, & valley rafters. A hinged mechanism features an easily adjustable set screw (Allen wrench included) that allows the user to bring the square back to a perfect 90º if the tool ever becomes out of square. The Framing Wizard® folds down easily to fit into a standard toolbox & is the only portable framing tool for 12", 16", & 24" on-center layout. The Framing Wizard is truly a square that does it all, making it a must-have for any toolbox.  

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    Swanson Framing Wizard ~ Folding Aluminum Framing Square 16"  x  18"