Swanson 7" Speed Square

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Made in the USA

  • Classic & original model
  • Model #TO101
  • 5 in 1 tool: Try Square, Miter Square, Saw Guide, Line Scriber, & Protractor
  • Engraved markings
  • 1/4 " spaced notches to facilitate scribing lines
  • Made of high-grade aluminum alloy construction
  • Matte finish to prevent glare
  • This is the original one & only "Speed Square" invented by the founder of Swanson Tool Co. in 1925. This unique tool is actually five tools in one: a try square, a miter square, a protractor, a line scriber, & a saw guide. It is constructed of durable heavy-gauge aluminum alloy & has engraved markings for "Swanson’s One-Number Method" of rafter layout. Tool made in the USA.

    From the Manufacturer:

       The Swanson Tool #TO101 7" Speed Square is a popular square that incorporates features of the framing square, tri, miter, & protractor squares. Common rafter & hip/valley rafter scales permit one-number references for all cuts. The square is merely rotated to the proper roof pitch value on the teither scale to assure the correct angle cut. The slot along the scales will accommodate an adjustable locking pin for repetitive cuts using any 1/4" bolt & nut. 


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    Swanson 7" Speed Square 7"  x  7"  x  10" 3/16" 0.5 lb




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