Stringliner Braided Mason Line - White

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  • Stringliner Mason Line
  • Braided #18 nylon mason line
  • Replacement roll for the Stringliner Reel
  • White color line
  • 500' (1/2 lb) length roll

  • This Stringliner Braided Mason Line is a replacement roll for the Stringliner Reel. White color line. Braided #18 nylon mason line in a 500' (1/2 lb) length roll.

    About Braided Line

      Braided line won’t unravel as easily when cut or reused (compared to twisted strand line) & it's more resistant to abrasion. The line won't spin as much, especially when it's used with a plumb bob.

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    Stringliner Braided Mason Line - White 500' (1/2 lb)




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