Two Cherries Straight Drawknife ~ 225 mm Cutting Length

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Made in Germany

  • Model 4000-225 MM
  • 8-3/4" (225 mm) blade length
  • Made of quality high carbon steel - Rockwell hardness of 61C
  • Hand forged, heat treated, & ground
  • Tangs extend down through handles

  •  A quality straight blade drawknife "Zugmesser" made by Two Cherries in Germany. Hand forged from high carbon steel then hardened & tempered, this drawknife cuts wood efficiently & holds a sharp edge well. It is a good mid-sized draw knife for general woodworking, debarking, or roughing out larger projects. The two handles fit comfortably in the hand & help control the cut when working. 8-3/4" (225 mm) blade length.   Made in Germany.

       Two Cherries Tools is a family owned Germany company that has been in business for over 155 years. Since 1858, they have been producing high quality woodworking tools using the finest steel available.

       The skilled craftsman at Two Cherries use forged blades that are skillfully heat treated in a salt immersion bath to achieve a Rockwell hardness of 61C. This means that sharpening the chisels may take an extra few minutes, but they will hold an edge significantly longer than just about any other brand on the market. After heat treating, the blades are polished to a rich finish that makes them a joy to use. Fitting size-appropriate handles made from European hardwood is the final step in producing these highest quality German chisels.

  • Product  Blade Length Blade Width Blade Thickness Overall Length Model # Part #
    Two Cherries Straight Drawknife ~ 225 mm Cutting Length 8-3/4" (225 mm) 1-3/8" 3/16" 16" 4000-225 MM




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