Starrett 12' Measure Stix

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  • Starrett Model SM412W
  • 1/2" width x 12' total length
  • Manufactured of high quality precision steel for extended service use
  • Produced with permanent adhesive back that sticks to almost any work surface for convenient, at-a-glance measurements
  • Mounts on work benches, saw tables, drafting tables, & more
  • Easily cut to size with scissors
  • Reads left to right

  •   Starrett 12' Measure stix is manufactured with high quality precision steel. It is produced with a permanent adhesive backing providing convenient, at-a-glance measurements. They can be mounted on work benches, saw tables, drafting tables, and more. The stix easily cut to proper size with scissors. Reads with left to right print orientation.

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    Starrett 12' Measure Stix 12' SM412W




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