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Stanley Premium Adjustable Quicksquare

Stanley Premium Adjustable Quicksquare

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  • Model No. 46-053
  • Made of heavy duty aluminum construction
  • Adjustable arm for repeating cuts
  • Highly visible yellow graduations for maximum readability
  • Etched graduations
  • Can be used as a Saw Guide, Bevel or Protractor, Common/Jack & Hip/Valley scale
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  • A handy & useful square made by Stanley Tools. It is an ideal square for making repetitive markings as it has an adjustable arm for repeating angles & cuts. The square features Common, Jack & Hip, & Valley scales for various applications & has a black body with highly visible yellow graduations for maximum readability. Multipurpose, adjustable design can be used as a saw guide, bevel or protractor. Made of heavy duty aluminum construction. 

  • Product Overall Size Model #
    Stanley Premium Adjustable Quicksquare 10 - 3/4 Base Length  x  6 - 3/4" Rule Length