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Stanley 10-1/4" Nail Claw ~ 55-033

Stanley 10-1/4" Nail Claw ~ 55-033

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  • Model #55-033
  • One forged all-steel piece - Heat-treated for durability
  • Made of High Carbon Steel for extra strength
  • Special cat's paw extracting claw with beveled nail slot
  • 10-1/4" overall size
  • Perfectly balanced & weighted feel
  • Vinyl cushion grip bonded to steel handle for comfort & durability
  • Excellent nail puller for demolition work
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  • Stanley's "Cats Paw" has a special head design, heftiness, & stout size that provides the necessary leverage & power for the easy removal of nails. This handy claw gets nails out of tight spaces where hammers & pry pars do not fit. It has a longer & deeper claw than most other claw-bars of it's size. It has a perfectly balanced & weighted feel to the tool, & is especially great for demolition work. Made completely of forged steel from the claw head through the handle with a bonded cushion grip, it's a great claw-bar that packs-a-punch.

  • Product Pry Edge Width Opening Pry Head Length Overall Length Weight Model #
    Stanley 10-1/4" Nail Claw ~ 55-033 3/8" 2" 10 - 1/4" 1 lb