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Stanley 1-1/4" FatMax Wood Chisel ~ 16-979

Stanley 1-1/4" FatMax Wood Chisel ~ 16-979

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Made in England

  • Hardened, tempered high-chrome carbon alloy steel blade for edge retention
  • 1-1/4" wide chisel blade (32 mm)
  • High-carbon chrome steel blade
  • Thru-tang core - Steel core for strength
  • Steel striking cap for use with steel-headed hammer
  • Ergonomically designed, bi-material grip handle is shatter resistant
  • Includes a blade guard that can be mounted to wall for home storage

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  • These Stanley FatMax chisels are hardened & have tempered high-chrome carbon alloy steel blades for edge retention. They are 50% stronger than regular Stanley wood chisels & have steel Thru-Tang shafts & steel striking caps for use with a steel-headed hammer. The handle is ergonomically designed & has a bi-material grip handle for shatter resistance. The chisels include chisel blade guards for protection when not in use, & with the blade guard on, they can be mounted to the wall or pegboard for home storage.  Made in England.

  • Product Title Chisel Blade Width Overall Chisel Length Model #
    Stanley 1 - 1/4" FatMax Wood Chisel ~ 16-979 1 - 1/4"  (32 mm) 9"  (229 mm)