Stainless Automatic Center Punch

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  • Model No. 89
  • For center marking, punching, staking, & starting screw & drilling holes
  • Hardened steel point
  • Spring tension can be adjusted for light or heavy markings
  • One hand operation, no hammer needed
  • Stainless steel body with knurled finger grip

  •  This stainless steel automatic center punch can punch, mark, scribe & start drill, nail, or screw holes. It is ideal for machinists & automotive repair professionals. Stainless steel body with knurled finger grip. To operate: Push down on the back of the punch until it clicks then release. Spring tension adjusts for light or heavy strokes & marking. Hardened steel point.

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    General Tools Stainless Automatic Center Punch 5 - 1/4"  x  5/8"




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