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Stabila 24" Level ~ Type 80-A-2

Stabila 24" Level ~ Type 80-A-2

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Made in Germany

  • Type No. 80 A-2
  • 24" overall length (60 cm)
  • Aluminum rectangular profile with reinforcing ribs – for high stability and secure hold while working
  • Two vertical vials allow quick readings in any position
  • Spirit level with two measuring surfaces – accurate measuring in all positions
  • Bright easy to read vials will not leak, break, fog or require re-calibration
  • Measurement Accuracy in Normal Position:  ±1/32in at 72in 
  • Measurement Accuracy in Normal Position: ±3/64in at 72in
  • Plastic end caps protect the profile against impact
  • Large metal hang hole allows for the level to be stored off of the floor
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  •  If you’re looking for an accurate & reliable spirit level with a slim profile, this level is it. It's key highlight comes in the form of two vertical vials that enable readings in any position. The type 80 AS-2 reinforced aluminum rectangular profile, together with the Stabila installation technology, ensures accuracy & a long service life. This level is especially suitable for use in the fields of tiling, carpentry, landscape work, as well as reinforced concrete construction. The vials & the measuring surfaces align perfectly with one another during the production process & are permanently connected, guaranteeing the very best in measuring accuracy over many years. This is a spirit level that delivers performance. The vials read the same in all positions & deliver a certified level accuracy .029 degrees - 1/32in over 72 inches   ± 0.5mm per meter, &  .043 degrees - 3/64in over 72 inches ± 0.75 mm/m in reverse position. They will not leak, break, fog or require re-calibration. Level accuracy guaranteed for life.   Made in Germany.

    About Stabila - From the Manufacturer:

      Stabila levels are unparalleled with regard to their accuracy and dependability. The secret - the vials made of block acrylic glass are firmly epoxy-locked in the frame. A perfect system. The vial is firmly cast in the high strength aluminum frame with non-shrink epoxy. No re-adjustment, no realignment, no tensioning against springs made of steel or fatigued plastic, no welding or clamping stresses. Just as accurate after 10 years as on the first day

     STABILA is a well-known, distinguished manufacturer of branded measuring tools of the highest quality. The product range comprises spirit levels, lasers, electronic measuring tools, folding rules & tape measures.   Made in Germany - Since 1889.


  • Product Length Overall Size Model #
    Stabila 24" Level ~ Type 80-A-2 24"  (60 cm) 24" Long  x  15/16" Wide  x  2" High
    Type 80-A-2 - No. 29024