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Square File Stone 4" x 1/4" - Made in USA

Square File Stone 4" x 1/4" - Made in USA

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  • Norton Model FF14 - Made in USA
  • Aluminum Oxide Abrasive India Stone
  • Square File Stone
  • Fine Grit
  • 4" length x 1/4" width
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  • Norton Square File Slip Stone 4" x 1/4". Square File applications range from dimensioning keyways to maintain fit, stoning faces on router bits, touching-up edges of reamer teeth, and lapping/honing to close tolerances to produce the finest edge on precision instruments, die work and delicate tools. To improve sharpening & reduce clogging, use with oil. Composed of an aluminum oxide abrasive. Oilstone made by Norton, Saint Gobain. Model FF14.

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    Norton Square File Stone 4" x 1/4" 4" 1/4" FF14 | 86065