Solid Brass Large Rosette ~ Privacy (Locking)

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Vintage-style Hardware

  • Traditional & classic
  • 3-1/4" diameter doorknob rosette
  • Made of solid brass
  • For solid doors, or pre-bored (2-1/8" hole) doors
  • For privacy (locking) doors
  • 21/32" max inner hub diameter
  • Includes two flat-head phillips screws 

  • A high quality solid brass doorknob rosette with an elegant smooth design. This beauty is made of forged solid brass, & is extra thick for durability & quality. This particular rosette is designed for both solid doors, & 2-1/8" diameter hole modern pre-bored doors. The rosette is designed for a privacy (locking) function on doors, & the little hole is for the little privacy pin on latches. The excellent craftsmanship used to create these rosettes will produce an addition to your home that will add both elegance & grace! 

       Hardwick & Sons is pleased to offer vintage-style hardware for the many people who desire to fashion their homes with charm, quality, & style. The traditional-style hardware that we showcase are true & faithful reproductions of classic hardware pieces found in the many homes from across America throughout the past century.

  • Product  Rosette Diameter

    Hub Diameter

    Spacing of Screw Holes Model #

    Solid Brass Large Rosette 

    3-1/4" 21/32" Max 2-15/16"




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