Single Bar Marking Gauge ~ 6" Length

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  • Die-cast head
  • 6" long nickel plated rod
  • Engraved measurements in 16ths
  • Fine-needle point for precision marking
  • Especially excellent for woodworking

  • A simple, yet very useful tool. This marking gauge is ideal for precise marking & scribing of parts & materials. It is a great gauge for wood, plastics, & other surfaces. The knurled screw-knob enables the die-cast head to tightly & securely fasten to the marking bar. The measurements on the bar on engraved, & are in 16ths of inches.

       This tool is especially excellent & useful for woodworking projects. These marking gauges are great for marking thin lines on material that will help you straightly position your hand-saws & chisels for great cutting accuracy.

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    Single Bar Marking Gauge 6" Length




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