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Safety Works Clear Safety Glasses

Safety Works Clear Safety Glasses

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  • Safety Works Model No. 81791
  • Designed for shop & basic use
  • Fits with or without eyeglasses
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  • Cost-effective and durable safety glasses. Ideal to keep you safe on the job. Can be worn with or without prescription glasses. Fits over most prescription eyewear to protect your personal glasses from paint, scratching, and other damage while letting you see your work in sharp focus. Features a brow guard to help block falling objects and debris. Vented temples help keep you cool while you work. Ideal for use with power tools, when sawing, hammering, or doing any type of overhead work. These safety glasses meet the high-impact requirements of the American National Standards Institute's ANSI Z87.1-2003 standard..

  • Product Model #
    Safety Works Clear Safety Glasses DIB-302407  |  81791