Opinel Stainless Steel "Effilés" Slim Knife ~ Handle

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Made in France

  • Special & elegant "Slim" series knife
  • Foldable blade with stainless locking collar
  • Made of 12c27 Sandvik stainless steel - Mirror polished blade - INOX
  • Genuine Bubinga wood handle
  • Includes "gift" paper sleeve

  • The "Effilés" series Bubinga wood handle stainless steel pocket knife is a beautifully crafted slim knife. The famous Opinel knife is rich in history & has been in use for over 100 years by many alike! Excellent for a number of uses, but especially great for picnics, cutting fruits & vegetables. The No. 12 size has even been commonly used as a table knife. The No. 15 size may be used as a fish filleting knife. The polished stainless steel blade is very versatile & great for everyday use! The blade locks in place with a simple turn of the stainless collar; it also locks into the handle for safety as well. The handsome special Bubinga wood handle is varnished for a most beautiful look. Very versatile, effective, & beautiful, this Opinel knife is one you'll most certainly treasure!  Opinel INOX.

    *Important! Care for your stainless steel knives!*

       The knife blade is made of stainless steel & will not rust, although try to avoid leaving the knife in moist & damp environments for too long, and the wood may expand or contract too if the knife is left out in extreme weather conditions for an amount of time. It is also a good idea to try & wipe the blade dry after each use.

  • Product  Blade Length

    Overall Length

    Model #
    Opinel Stainless Steel "Effilés" Slim Knife ~ Bubinga Wood No. 8 3 - 1/4" 7 - 1/4" 000015
    Opinel Stainless Steel "Effilés" Slim Knife ~ Bubinga Wood No. 10 4" 9" 000013
    Opinel Stainless Steel "Effilés" Slim Knife ~ Bubinga Wood No. 12 5" 10 - 3/4" 000011
    Opinel Stainless Steel "Effilés" Slim Knife ~ Bubinga Wood No. 15 6" 12 - 3/4" 243150




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