Occidental Leather Stronghold "Big Oxy" Tool Belt Set ~ 5530 LG

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Made in USA

  • Model No. 5530 LG
  • Large Belt Size  (3" Large Ranger Work Belt)
  • Largest Occidental Leather Tool Belt Set - Round Bottom Full Capacity Tool Bags
  • Premium Top-Grain Leather
  • 28 Pockets & Tool Holders
  •  This Occidental Leather Stronghold "Big Oxy" Tool Belt Package has everything in this set! These bags are most definitely the biggest bags we have ever offered. The round bottom bag design is unique & innovative in the industry & never before offered in leather! Surpasses storage capacity of traditional pinch bottom designs giving maximum wear with Big round corners. This innovative design provides room for additional tool holders on 3 inside walls of the tool bags! Big bags! Big pockets! Enough tool holders to go from framing to trim & just about anything else in one smooth transition. In this case, size does matter! 28 Pockets & Tool Holders. Occidental Leather Components on this 5530 model: 3" Ranger Work Belt #5035, 2-in-1 Tool & Hammer Holder #5020, Big Oxy Tool Bag #5526, Big Oxy Fastener Bag #5525. *Note: Tools in picture not included.    Made in USA.

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    Occidental Leather Stronghold "Big Oxy" Tool Belt Set ~ 5530 LG Large 3" Ranger Work Belt 6.4 lb
    5530 LG




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