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Noxon "Spring Tool" 1/32" Nail Set

Noxon "Spring Tool" 1/32" Nail Set

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Made in USA

  • Noxon "Spring Tool" Nail Setter "No Hammer Needed!" 
  • 1/32" nail set
  • Hardened Steel
  • Ringed Ends for sure grip
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  • Noxon "Spring Tool" 1/32" Nail Set. This spring tool nail setter is a tool to drive finish nails below the surface of wood. Choose cup diameter which matches nail head. This 1/32" nail setter is best suited for #3 and #4 finish nails. No hammer is needed, but you may use one if you wish. Make certain to strike the end squarely with hammer.  Made in USA.

  • Product Size Overall Length of Nail Set Model #
    Noxon "Spring Tool" 1/32" Nail Set 1/32" 4-1/2"