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Noxon Hammerless Steel Center Punch

Noxon Hammerless Steel Center Punch

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Made in USA

  • Noxon Spring Tools
  • Hammerless Self-Centering Center Punch
  • Mark Hardened Steel
  • Tempered Tip
  • 3500 P.S.I. Force
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  • Noxon Hammerless Air Tempered Steel Center Punch is designed to mark hardened steel by creating a deep indentation that will hold and drill bit without wandering or scratching. Air tempered tip can be sharpened without losing hardness. Usage: Firmly hold tool tip on surface by gripping sure grip rings with index finger and thumb. With other hand, rapidly pull opposite grip 1" to 3" straight back and release, like snapping a rubber band.  Made in USA.

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    Noxon Hammerless Steel Center Punch 4"