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Kuri Laminated Steel Knife

Kuri Laminated Steel Knife

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Made in Japan

  • Made of Shirogami White 1.05-1.15% high carbon steel
  • Very pure steel hardened to 64HRC
  • Right hand bevel cutting edge
  • Fixed blade mounted into handle
  • Japanese Ho wood handle
  • Full length of blade for long cutting edge
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  • The Japanese Kuri laminated knife has its cutting edge from the tip all the way to the base of blade as it enters into the handle. The original use was to finish the detail ornate carvings on room screens in Japan. This slender knife can enter into areas where others cannot. It can even be used as a delicate reamer & or hole enlarger. The Kuri knife was also used originally in a scooping action on Japanese carvings.

    Mr. Ikeuchi master blacksmith along with his fellow blacksmiths hand forge, grind, & sharpen these knives. White high carbon steel laminated on top with a softer layer of steel allowing the blade to be hardened to Rockwell 64. With all steel as it becomes harder & tougher, it will be more brittle & can snap in half, the soft steel lamination arrests this possibility. These knives we carry from Mr. Ikeuchi are beveled ground on one side only & flat to edge on the underside yet hollow ground as a common practice to facilitate less time in re-honing to a sharp edge.

      Hardwick & Sons is pleased to offer quality tools from Japan for the many people who desire special & well-crafted tools. The wide variety of Japanese products that we offer come from the many craftsmen & toolmakers in Japan who have a special dedication to their skillful craft & art of toolmaking.

  • Product Cutting Edge Length Blade Length Knife Width Blade Thickness Overall Length Model #
    120 mm Knife 4 - 7/8" 4 - 7/8"  (120 mm) 7/8" 1/8" 8 - 3/4"
    135 mm Knife 5 - 7/16" 5 - 7/16" (135 mm) 15/16" 1/8" 9 - 1/4"